Stellar Code Sirius Feedback
Stellar Code Sirius

The period for the Stellar Code Sirius Attunement and Initiation for 2010 ended on 20 August and the Stellar Code Sirius Feedback we have received is incredible!

Stellar Code Sirius Sirius Attunement and Initiation Feedback

Stellar Code Sirius Feedback

The period for the Stellar Code™ – Sirius Attunement and Initiation for 2010 ended on 20 August.  We are getting ready for the next Stellar Code™ in the cycle:  Spica.  We would like to thank all of the individuals who participated and those that expressed interest in the program.

We will be entering the period for the Stellar Code™ – Spica Attunement and Initiation on 12 September.  We will be posting more information in Calendar & Announcements.  Stay tuned!


Stellar Code Sirius Feedback

We would like to share with you some of the feedback we received from the Sirius Attunement and Initiation:


I have had an incredible experience with attunement… You knocked me off my everything: very powerful!  I do not remember anyone was doing it with such power. I still kind of flying inside. It was really great!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! ~ Tatiana K.


still not steady but wanted to get on here to tell you all………first off……..WOW…….. my entire body went very warm, with the feeling of my entire body pulsating in rhythm to my heart…..keeping my hands on my heart chakra……the white light took over the room, engulfed me and began a spiral above my head….with three distinct tentacles so to speak…..tornado in shape and style….once they wove together as one, the pressure lifted even more so and I felt as if floating…..the symbols hung with me for a while…..almost doing a dance before my ‘eye’….the next thing I knew I was being nudged awake, no, no one was physically here….. ~ Michelle C.


[I am] doing marvelous.  When the energy came, it opened up the top of the head.  The light surrounded the body.  That night, was unable to sleep.  Wide awake. ~ Joan W.


I had an incredible experience during the attunement, I was so moved I started to cry. It was beautiful, thank you. My dreams since then have been about cleansing and nurturing and a time of transition, preparing myself for the next phase, absolutely wonderful. I am feeling quite emotional (in a good way), but I think that is me adjusting as the new energies settle in.  Thank you…such a beautiful gift to share ~Charlie P.


During, it was really great – a bit like a volcano of energy… ~Darlene M


…I left the body and was transported someplace in deep space with a very lovely energy, a place which really felt like home, with a feeling that I was getting downloaded with information on a very subtle level. ~ Gerard F.


Peace and a sense of “coming home” flowed throughout my being.  The symbols came to me with ease and understanding (much more connected with the “me” than the traditional Reiki symbols), although gentle in their flow, so very powerful in their meaning. A sense of home in the heart. A while later 3 clicks in my neck vertebrae indicated that they had just re-adjusted themselves……..without external help, well not human/physical help. I am feeling very peaceful within myself.  So thank you to you for facilitating this transmission! ~ Bea A.


During the process, I got a very large flood of light energy…I felt as though energy was active within and around me, dynamic…I find myself having a more crystal clear clarity about things and my perspective on them. ~Kae F.


Again, our gratitude to all that participated and allowed us to share this Stellar Code™ Attunement and Initiation with you.  We look forward to moving ahead with Stellar Code Spica, the next strand of the Stellar Codes.


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