Stellar Code Sirius 2011 Teleconference
Stellar Code Sirius

We would like to thank everybody who participated with the Stellar Code Sirius 2011 Teleconference.  Stellar Code Sirius offers to the Travelers of the Sacred Path a new opportunity, regeneration and a correction to the internal compass of the Soul.  The Soul Light within us is ever increasingly aware of the spiritual light emanating from Sirius. This light is like no other; remember the first time you glimpsed the soul light, the brilliance, the beauty, the illumined truth it brought to the life. The spiritual light from Sirius is of such potency, it is beyond our comprehension initially.

Listen to the Stellar Code – Sirius 2011 Teleconference

Stellar Code Sirius 2011 Teleconference

As promised, we are posting the recording of the teleconference for the benefit of those who could not attend.



Please note that the window of time to receive the Sirius Attunement – 2011 on 27 August.  If you are interested in receiving the Attunement and Initiation, please sign up for it on the Members Discount Page under Membership in the Menu at the top of the page.


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